About Us

About America's First Maids

America’s First Maids was established in early 2012. We are a company that provides a needed service to Charlotte and surrounding areas. We have over 30 years of residential and commercial experience within our company. Our maids are drug tested and given a background screening. Our employees wear company uniforms, they receive adequate training and are ready to service you and your family or business. We want you to be able to relax your mind with ease as we relieve you of your everyday house cleaning duties. AFM is licensed and insured. We want to take the stress of your having to come home and clean your house after a long and hard days’ work. So kick your feet up, sit back, and relax as we use our green products to make your life less stressful and less toxic!

Our Mission

We strive for excellence in the residential and commercial cleaning community. Our goal is to provide quality cleaning service with people that you can trust and build a lasting relationship. Customer satisfaction is our goal! We understand that your home is where you feel most comfortable and protected. America’s First Maids would like for you to be able to be assured that you are receiving a quality service at a great price and with people that you can trust your home to.

Meet Our Team

Melvin Mckay, Founder/CEO

Mr. Mckay was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a loving husband and father. The idea of my AFM came to mind one day when I saw how hectic my wife’s schedule was. I thought that there has to be something that can be done about this. My wife take’s care of our beautiful home and I am a believer in “a happy wife, a happy life.” So I thought, “Why not hire a maid?” When I saw how happy bringing someone in to take the load off of my wife’s hectic day made her, I decided that I wanted to make other people feel what I felt when I saw the smile on her face. Since I do have a military background I thought why not name the company “America’s First Maids.” I am very involved in the day-to-day functioning of my company and I make sure that every customer is satisfied with the service that we provide.

Jazmin Ramirez Lead Maid

Carrie Caldwell Assistant Maid

Jessica Moreno Assistant Maid